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Drug Refusal
Updated: 10/11/2020
Drug Refusal
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  • Define the Problem
  • He wants to give me a cigarette but I'm at work. Should I take it?
  • Want a cigarette?
  • Explore the Alternatives
  • I could take the cigarette and have a quick smoke, or I could refuse...
  • Everyone smokes nowadays!
  • Consider the Consequences
  • While on lunch break at work one day, Benson's friends Kajsa and Gavin texted him to come out to the dumpster. They brought a cigarette and offered it to him.
  • Identify your Values
  • Do you want the cigarette or not?
  • Benson pondered his choices. He could take a quick smoke, or he could refuse his friend's offer.
  • Decide and Take Action
  • Sorry guys, I don't smoke. And I especially don't smoke at work. I hope you guys understand.
  • He could've taken the cigarette, but he might've gotten caught and fired. Not to mention the health effects. Benson didn't want that because he needed the job. But if he refused, his friends might've thought he was weird or boring.
  • Evaluate your Decision
  • If I take it and get caught, I could get fired. But if I don't these guys might not like me anymore...
  • Benson didn't smoke, and he wanted to remain honest at his job. He also wanted good friends who wouldn't make him do something he didn't want to do.
  • I don't smoke, and I especially don't smoke at work... I need my job. I want good friends and good friends wouldn't make me smoke.
  • Benson decided to refuse the cigarette his friends offered. Instead of being angry, his friends were fine with it!
  • Yah it's fine. You should've just told us earlier! See ya later dude!
  • Benson was happy and proud for having been brave enough to refuse to smoke. He and his friends were still friends with each other, and he remained honest. Making the right choice really did pay off!
  • I'm glad I was able to do the right thing.
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