Rebellion 1837
Updated: 6/2/2020
Rebellion 1837

Storyboard Text

  • William Lyon Mackenzie worked for a newspaper. He was the leader of a rebellion in 1837 in Upper Canada. He didn't like how much power the Family Compact had in the government
  • The voters need to have more say.
  • Come join the rebellion. You have rights too.
  • Mackenzie recruited farmers, unemployed people, and workers for a rebellion.
  • All the people Mackenzie recruited met at a tavern in Toronto.
  • They marched down a Toronto street but were gunned down.
  • Ready, Aim, FIRE!
  • I have to run to the U.S before I get hanged!
  • Mackenzie fled to the U.S. The rebellion was lost and two rebel leaders were hanged.
  • Mackenzie returned to Toronto 10 years later when it was safe.
  • I'm back.