Updated: 5/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • on the first day of the battle of Somme the British lost 19000 soldiers.
  • on the July the first 1961 the british set up there plan to create a diversion of the Germans to help the French. To do this they decide to send 17.6 thounsand bombs to the german trenches. and then attack but there plan back fiered.
  • When the bombs where set off the Germans stayed in the there very deep trenches and where able to survive the attack so when the british started to attack they where armed with gun and where able to shot down the british.
  • Even there attack failed the british kept on using the same atack over and over again.
  • in the end the british lost 300000 soilders.
  • even though it was a terrible event it still helped them win the war.