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The Berlin Airlift
Updated: 10/9/2020
The Berlin Airlift
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  • The Berlin Airlift was a huge success for the western allies. This caused Stalin to end the blockade of west Berlin.
  • East Berlin could easily travel to West Berlin where communism was not present. This helped some realize that communism wasn't so great after all.
  • When Stalin realized this, he was not happy and came up with a plan.
  • Maybe this communism thing isn't so good after all!
  • US President Truman
  • The Berlin Blockade was built in 1948 by the Soviet Union to limit the ability of the United States, Great Britain and France to travel to west Berlin.
  • I guess we'll just fly our supplies in then!
  • This led to the Berlin Airlift.
  • I'm blocking all of your supply routes to west Berlin. What're you gonna do about it?
  • Stalin
  • The Berlin Airlift took place from June 26th, 1948-1949. Over two million tons of goods were flown into Berlin in a huge logistical operation under the command of the American General Lucius D. Clay.
  • You win this time Truman.
  • On May 12, 1949, at one minute after midnight, the Soviets restore land access from West Germany to Berlin. A British convoy immediately drives through, and the first train from the West reaches Berlin at 5:32 that morning.
  • On September 30, 1949, The final flight of the Airlift arrives in West Berlin.
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