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Middle Ages
Updated: 4/17/2020
Middle Ages
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  • Middle ages
  • I am the king and I live in the manor house.
  • The Black Death
  • Magna carta
  • we want rights!!
  • The church was the center of life for people in the middle ages, and every part of life revolved around being part of the church. Manorialism and the Code of Chivalry were being used at this time.
  • Kings
  • The bubonic plague killed millions of people and there was no cure. It was spread by the fleas that are carried by rats. This was a devastating time and many people gave up on the idea of god because he wasn't doing anything to help them.
  • knights and chivalry
  • zzzzzz
  • King john was forced to sign the magna carta which guaranteed the rights of individuals, and the right to justice and a fair trial.
  • Fuedal pyramid
  • kings made all decisions, passed laws, introduced new government officials, and raised taxes. They gained power due to the decline of feudalism .
  • Do what I say!
  • knights received their land from lords, and in return lords were provided protection. Knights also had to sign a code of conduct called chivalry, chivalry insured knights were brave, loyal, and true to their word.
  • Hey wake up! we are supposed to be protecting the lord.
  • Feudal pyramids decided what your role in society was.In feudal society kings were at the top of the pyramid, then nobles and priests, then knights, and lastly serfs and peasants.
  • How may I assist you?
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