Chem bonding project
Updated: 2/4/2020
Chem bonding project
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  • Oxygen was lonely and was looking for some friends to bond with
  • Yes please
  • Yo, you look pretty cool, you tryna bond with us?
  • H2O went back to H2's "apartment" to get to know each other better and form a stronger bond
  • The three were hungry and decided to eat. Candy seemed to be loved by all and together they had 8 m&m's soon they were munching on m&m's that looked much like electrons
  • Oxygen knew Hydrogen and Hydrogen could handle any more than two m&m's or and he needed 8 or else he'd be hungry and unstable
  • The issue was that Oxygen got 4 m&m's (electrons) to himself and H2 had to share the remaining 4 with him.
  • We're gonna be polar!
  • H
  • O
  • The three made it work, however Oxygen was still bent out of shape
  • H
  • Oxygen had jumped into a bond too soon. He was eager to make bonds. He always had 6 extra m&m's (electrons) which never filled him up, leaving him unstable by himself.
  • That's why he was so excited when he saw H2. He figured if they bonded they'd each share an electron with him, giving him a full valence shell and a full stomach, forming a covalent bond.
  • Next up…Oxygen continues the search
  • ?
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