Red Russia - WHAP
Updated: 4/20/2020
Red Russia - WHAP
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  • For Napoleon!!!
  • You are no match for Russia!
  • Constitution!!
  • NO!
  • But Russia is supposed to be the greatest?!
  • In 1811, Russia declared allegiance with England and prepared for war with France, ruled by Napoleon. They eventually defeated the French, weakened by Russian winter. This proved that Russia was an equal power in Europe.
  • My brother!
  • Nicolas I, tsar after his brother's death, was hesitant to take the throne. Radicals took the opportunity to chant for a constitution. Nicolas opened fire and chaos ensued. The result was absolute power for the tsar.
  • Rasputin is dead! The Romanovs are doomed!
  • Nicolas I's son, Alexander II, conceded defeat in the Crimean War. This war showed that Russia fell behind and was no longer and equal European power. This led to many disappointing liberal reforms. The tsar was assassinated before he could propose a balance of power in government.
  • Peace, Land, and Bread!
  • Alexander III, the son of the murdered tsar, hanged the assassinators and brought an end to reform. Once more plots to assassinate the tsar were discovered, the people responsible were executed. One victim being the older brother of Vladimir "Lenin" Ulyanov, who would continue revolutionary work.
  • The royal family under Nicolas II took a liking to Rasputin, who helped their hemophilic son, Alexei. The public did not know about Alexei's condition and thought that Rasputin was cancer in the family. When Rasputin was murdered, the empress was devastated and saw it as a death sentence for Alexei and the Romanov dynasty.
  • Nicolas had lost support from everyone. Lenin came back in a train from exile and his Bolshevik disciples stormed the Duma. The Romanovs were captured and eventually murdered. Lenin's Bolshevik government was extremely attractive to the Russian public, especially former serfs.
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