Bio hGH Comic
Updated: 1/5/2021
Bio hGH Comic

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  • Who are you?? You look very familiar.
  • Im the human growth hormone! I regulate growth and various other things we use every day!!
  • Ohhh I see! Well I think i'm healthy so I won't need you much longer.
  • I thought that since now i'm fully grown you don't work anymore?
  • Well when you were a little kid you needed me to fuse your growth plates and grow you bones, but now that you're an adult I just continue to help keep your bones and muscles healthy!!
  • Well be lucky you were born with the right amount of me! Too little can result in dwarfism or very weak muscles/bones!
  • Okay... well i'm taller than you so I dont get why I still need them.
  • I do more then just control your growth! I regulate your metabolism and also maintain your blood glucose to help reduce your risk of heart disease!
  • Well what if I was born with too many growth hormones?
  • Too many is something called hypersecretion which can lead to a disease called gigantism in which the person grows unusually tall.
  • How do you know where to start working?
  • I get a call from the pituitary gland when I'm needed, then rush into the blood to quickly get to work!
  • Well I'm glad I met you! Now I know exactly why human growth hormones are so important!
  • Anytime! Feel free to ask questions whenever you need!!
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