covid ad storyboard
Updated: 5/11/2020
covid ad storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • (sound is piano music of course)(Shots of what our lovely model here would have been doing before corona. She is enjoying herself, walking downtown with friends while wearing our clothing brand)
  • Next shot uses the advertising technique were the product (clothes) are colourful, and the rest of the students/classroom are dull. continuing creating a sort of nostalgia for the viewer by showing her doing common (before corona) things
  • (here is where the words common in advertising are used, a voice says things like "these are difficult times" "there are some things we cannot enjoy like we used to" followed up by encouraging words "but during these hard times we can still find happiness/enjoy ourselves" so our model is now doing something that we can do during corona, at her house)
  • [BRAND/LOGO][name of this new line of clothing, pricing, slogan]
  • (one of the things we can do is spend time with family, so this shot would be trying to create a happy feeling, togetherness and friends/family message)
  • (from the comfort of her home she is ordering new clothes online with our very easy to use way of ordering online, we talk about how easy to use it is)(close up of her screen scrolling to see the many styles and colours that we have available to order)
  • ending with text on screen how most ads end(voice over using group dynamic "[brand] has been dedicated to helping customers for over 80 years" "we are here for you" "together")(high quality photos of the clothes that were focused on in the video)