Odyssey Book 9
Updated: 2/23/2021
Odyssey Book 9

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus is telling the Phaeacians some stories of his journeys after Troy. He starts off saying the winds carried his ship to Ismarus, the stronghold of the Cicones, where he and his men robbed the island. His men ignored Odysseus demands to return home immediately and soon the Cicones gathered men and counterattacked forcing Odysseus to retreat.
  • He says then another storm sent by Zeus has caused them to go off course and they end up landing at the Land of the Lotus Eaters. He and his men talk to the inhabitants who urge them to eat some sort of plant.
  • The lotus eaters make Odysseus' men eat the lotus plant. His mean eat the plant and soon realize that it is making them forget things. They lose the thoughts of wanting to go home and they want to stay there and continue to eat the lotus plant. Odysseus had to drag his men to the ship and lock them up in order to get off the island.
  • After leaving the land of the Lotus Eaters Odysseus finds himself sailing through the murky swamps of the land of the Cyclopes. He docks the ship and his men stay there for the night and have a meal of wild goats.
  • The next day they find a cave with sheep and barrels of milk and cheese so Odysseus and his men enter but the Cyclopes who lives in the cave returns and immediately shows hostility, killing two of Odysseus men and imprisons him and the rest of his men in his cave.
  • One day while the cyclopes is tending to his livestock, Odysseus offers him some drinks from his ship. The cyclopes accepts this offer and soon gets drunk off the wine and then Odysseus attacks him when he's vulnerable. He throws a spear into his eye causing the cyclopes to go blind then he and his men escape the cave with ease because they cannot be seen by the cyclopes.