The Canterbury Tales

Updated: 9/26/2021
The Canterbury Tales

Storyboard Text

  • The KnightA gentleman, also a Christian who took part in the crusades. Prudent and meek as a maiden even though he was valorous. His horses were good but not gaily clad. Wore a jerkin of coarse cloth stained with rust by his coat of mail.
  • The FranklinA ruddy face with a white beard. Has a good temper and has the best of everything (is very wealthy). He wears a girdle at his side that a dagger hangs from. He was joyful and always throwing dinner parties. He had no horse.
  • Wife of BathSomewhat deaf, a bold face that was fair and red, and gap-toothed. She wears a short riding skirt, a fair wimple, and a pair of sharp spurs, and a hat as broad as a buckler. She has an ambling horse. She laughs and prattles in company, she was feared as well by the other wives.
  • The PardonerA gentle man who sang loudly. He wore a cap with a veronica sewed on it and had a wallet brimmed with pardons. He had no beard and his face was smooth. He was deceitful as well.