Gina's Story
Updated: 4/8/2021
Gina's Story

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  • What does all this mean? Why does he have to " work " on my child? Will Gina be ok? Am I able to see her, is she in pain ? Does she need me ?
  • "You have a very sick child She has low-set ears, upturned nostrils ,droopy eyes, and microcephaly . I have to go work on your baby now. "
  • After reading this part of the introduction I realized how painful it must have been for her to hear about Gina. All the thoughts and worries spiraled in her head for the mom which is understandable. This goes to show that moms go through a really difficult time especially when they first hear about disabilities that their child is facing. All they want to do is help their child but feel hopeless when their is so many unanswered questions in the beginning. It's important that the doctors help the parents and reassure them that there child will be ok and they will try their best to treat them.