Natural Selection of Ferrets
Updated: 3/13/2020
Natural Selection of Ferrets

Storyboard Text

  • Natural Selection of Ferrets
  • Because of natural selection, we have many traits and adaptations that allow us to survive better in our environment.
  • Over-Production
  • We have up to seven children so that if one dies, we will still have some left
  • Variation
  • We have varying colors to blend in with different things. I'm dark brown and my partner is light brown.
  • Selection of Advantageous Trait
  • Some members of our family were white, but they were unfortunately eaten. None of us our white anymore. It is much better to be a shade of brown.
  • Adaptation
  • Our bodies have adapted to our environment. My family is great at climbing these trees, which is useful for avoiding predators.
  • Conclusion
  • My family survives because of our big litters, our brown colors also help us survive, and so does our adaptation for climbing trees