Unknown Story
Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Hi my name is Hernan Cortes
  • I also want there GOLD!
  • Hi my name is Montezuma
  • Hey my highness
  • This is Hernan Cortes and he had a plan to conquer the Aztec and kidnap and kill Montezuma .
  • Hey welcome !
  • Cortes also came for their gold because he wanted to very rich . They also had a lot of gold .
  • Give me all your Gold
  • Montezuma is one the most powerful on man on Earth . He is very rich and he is the ruler of 25 million people .
  • Montezuma did not know that he would soon be killed by Heran Cortes . That he would soon be kidnapped and killed .
  • Herana Cortes kidnapped Montezuma and now he is going to steal all his gold .Then he going to kill him so he can be very powerful .
  • Cortes killed Montezuma and stole all his gold . Now Cortes is the most powerful person on Earth .