Siege of Detroit
Updated: 3/14/2021
Siege of Detroit

Storyboard Text

  • On August 15, 1812, Tecumseh and Brock lead a total of 1400 men to capture Fort Detroit. Tecumseh wanted revenge since the Americans stole their hunting grounds and lands and they were disrespected.
  • Now's the right time, let's do the plan.
  • Tecumseh's plan depended on trickery since him and his army were outnumbered. His plan was clever, to intimidate Hull by leading his men to dash through the woods and coming back in one direction.
  • GO! GO! GO!
  • General, what are we going to do?
  • OH NO!
  • I GIVE UP!
  • Hull panic's and decides to surrender leading to his dismissal later on. Brock and Tecumseh have earned a major victory.