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Salted pistachios
Updated: 9/3/2018
Salted pistachios
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  • James Stuart signs the petition of right
  • I will give you money if you sign this.
  • - do not house soldiers in private homes - do not impose martial law in peacetime
  • - Do not imprison subjects without due cause. - Do not levy taxes without parliament's consent
  • Sure (I'm going to ignore it anyway.)
  • English civil war
  • Oliver Cromwell & the Glorious revolution
  • Charles I becomes king and calls the parliament again in 1628. They refused to give him money until he signed the petition of right. Charles ignored his agreement. In order to get money, he imposed fees and fines on the people decreasing his popularity.
  • Charles offends puritans by upholding the rituals of the Anglican church and forced presbyterian Scots to accept an Anglican prayer book. In 1641, the parliament limits royal power. Both sides are equally furious starting a civil war.
  • The puritans elected Oliver Cromwell as their general and sentenced Charles to death. Cromwell abolished monarchy and established a common wealth form of government. Cromwell went on to become a dictator. Charles II reigns, followed by James II. In the end king Charles is overthrown (Glorious revolution)
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Charles II
  • James II
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