The Spanish Armada
Updated: 5/15/2020
The Spanish Armada
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  • The Armada set sail on the 19th July 1588 with 130 ships 22 of these were fighting galleons. All of the ships sailed in a crescent shape towards the Channel. The unarmed transport ships were in the middle and the armed ships were on the wings, this was because it would make it harder for the English to attack.
  • On the 29th July the ships are approaching and have been seen o the coast of Cornwall. To warn people of a potential invasions beacons were lit on the hilltops.
  • Both sides stayed in the same formation for weeks. However, when the English ships tried to get close to the Armada the crescent closed in on them on both sides. One Spanish ship did blow up but there were no looses on either side.
  • On the 8th August the two fleets went into battle. The wind started to get really strong. The Duke of Medina-Sidonia could see that Phillip's Armada plan was lost. He started to try and save as many ships and lives as possible.
  • The only way for the Spanish to get to safety and back to the ports was to travel 3000km around Scotland and Ireland. However, most of these boats were damaged and couldn't survive these waters and there was a lack of food and water.
  • Two boats were wrecked on the Scottish coast and then 25 off the coast of Ireland. Overall, only 90 ships returned to Spain. Around 11,000 people lost their lives.
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