The Great Rat Race

Updated: 10/3/2021
The Great Rat Race

Storyboard Text

  • Laurence has asthma so he can't play sports with his father and brother, Eddy. This makes him feel like his father likes his brother more.
  • Laurence's father owns a store below their house. Eddy finds rat droppings in the store. They have a rat in the store.
  • The rat is still there after they fumigate the store. So, Laurence's dad Thomas gets a shotgun from his friend to shoot the rat. Their mother disapproves.
  • When Laurence's dad asks the boys for help, Laurence feels brave enough to help. Eddy does not and stays with his mother. Laurence feels like he has a chance to prove himself to their father.
  • Laurence and his father sit in the apartment for a long time and watch for the rat. Laurence learns a lot about his father's childhood and begins to understand him better. They both run away when the rat comes out.
  • Laurence feels ashamed that he ran away. But his father reminds him that they both ran. He starts joking around with his son and Laurence understands that his father was never disappointed in him for not playing sports. He feels closer to his father now.