Purim Story
Updated: 2/19/2021
Purim Story

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  • here comes my good freind!!
  • Hey!! reb Dovid and how are you today??
  • Hey!! reb Zalmen!! and how are you today??
  • here comes my good freind!!
  • Hey!! do you hear that??
  • i'm fine b"h!!
  • The king invites ALL the people of shushan to a HUGE PARTY for 7 day's!!!
  • YAY! im so exited for the party! There will probably be really good food!!
  • Haman was the kings second-in command, and a big anti semite.
  • Earlier, in the king's (Achashveirosh) palace:
  • Why have you come?
  • Sit down, and lets hear. Servants-bring him a chair.
  • Your Majesty, I have a plan to get rid of those dirty Jews.
  • As you know, those jews always take off a day of work every week becase they claim they have their holy shabbat. and ect. So this is the plan: we make a big party with everyone invited, including the jews, and we willl serve non-kosher food, and they will sin by eating it. and then their G-D will forsake them, and they will be in our hand's, then we could finish them off, HAHAHAHAH.
  • Great Plan! I cant wait to get rid of them!