english story board
Updated: 2/14/2021
english story board

Storyboard Text

  • sam runs upstairs crying
  • sam looks out the window crying
  • sam mumbles something under her breath
  • free, free, free
  • sam runs upstairs crying about the news
  • jessica bangs on the door begging her to come out
  • she looks out the window at the world around her and she crys and gazes into the distance
  • they walk down stairs
  • she repeats the word free to herself thinking about the future ahead witch belongs to only her now. she will be free with no one to oppress her.
  • andrew is waiting downstairs
  • jessica begs her to open the door and talk but sam fantasizes about her new freedom. then she opens the door.
  • they walk down stairs where maurice is waiting.
  • sam screams at the sight of him and falls to the ground. the doctor pronounces her dead by heart attack.