Updated: 1/31/2021

Storyboard Text

  • One Day, a lonely cow was looking for a friend.
  • I feel like making a new friend today!
  • Maybe the forest would have a friend for me.
  • Hello Squirrel, will you be my friend?
  • So off she went to the forest. There she met a squirrel.
  • You are a big, clumsy cow. You will not fit up in my tree. so I will not be your friend.
  • You silly cow, how can I be your friend when you are too big to fit in my burrow?
  • The friendly cow continued on to another part of the forest. There she found a rabbit.
  • Hello Mr. Rabbit, how are you today? Would you like to be friends?
  • I would not Cow, as you are far too big, you would ruin my nest!
  • Past the forest in the valley, the cow found a big turkey.
  • Good afternoon turkey, would you like a new friend?
  • A while later, after a long day of searching for a friend. the lonely cow heard an uproar of distressed animals!The brave cow rushed through the wheat and into the nearby field. 
  • Oh no! What was that? I have to help!
  • Gobble! Squeak! Chirp!
  • She found a fox terrorizing the animals she met earlier. Without hesitating, she galloped after the fox and chased him away. The animals decided they were wrong to reject the friendly cow just for her size and asked to all be friends. They all lived happily ever after. Never judge someone just for the way they look.