Cell project
Updated: 2/5/2020
Cell project
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  • The hull of the ship protects the inside from the environment, and from anything that could damage the ship. Just like the Cell Wall!
  • The engines help produce energy that is used for all the different jobs the ship's parts do. Just like the mitochondria of a cell!
  • The cargo transport systems inside the ship move cargo around the ship to where it is needed. It's exactly like the Golgi body in a Cell!
  • The control deck is where the captain is, and it's also where all the commands to the rest of the crew come from. If you think about it, it does the same job as the Nucleus of a cell!
  • On the outside of the ship, there's the Port (Left) side cargo Doors! The doors control what comes into the ship, and what goes out, Like the Cell Membrane!
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  • Finally, these Solar Panels help give the ship a lot of power by capturing the Sun's energy. It's the same as Chloroplast!
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