The Most Meaningful Moment in Hanil

Updated: 5/19/2021
The Most Meaningful Moment in Hanil

Storyboard Text

  • Planning a birthday party
  • There are two people who are birthday on that day.How about having abirthday party?
  • Meeting room seniors
  • Eating delicious foods
  • We are planning to have a birthday party for my friend and senior. We decided to trick them, and thinking a good way to suprisingly celebrate them.
  • Having a surprising birthday party
  • Thank you, my friends!
  • Happy birthday!!!
  • It is the day of 현제관. We met our room seniors, and had a chance to talk with seniors.
  • Having a talent show
  • One special event of the day of 현제관 is eating delicious foods. We can eat chicken, pizza, tteokbokki and so on.
  • Finishing the day of 현제관
  • We successfully completed the surprise birthday party. Seniors and my friends decided to make harsh mood during 야자타임. And it worked. Me and my friends surprisingly appeared with cake and celebrated them.
  • After the birthday party, we had a talent show. I sang a song in front of my roommates and seniors. It was an amazing experience.
  • I could celebrate my friend and senior's birthday uniquely and become intimate with our room seniors after the event. It was the most meaningful day for me in Hanil school.