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Updated: 1/3/2020
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  • This is a coal plant, where we turn coal into energy we use in our everyday lives. Here, let me show you inside!
  • What is this place?
  • Workers take coal and burn it to produce steam, which is put under pressure and spun in a turbine. This generates energy!
  • How do we even get energy out of coal?
  • Sadly, yes. A lot of carbon dioxide is emitted from the burning of coal.
  • It can't be that easy...are there any negative effects when it comes to getting energy from coal?
  • Carbon dioxide contributes to climate change, an event where the Earth's temperature continuously rises.
  • What's so bad about carbon dioxide?
  • Climate change causes, and will continue to cause, many problems, like more severe droughts and hurricanes. Sea levels will also rise, and coastal flooding will become more common.
  • I've heard there are also good effects of climate change, though, like longer growing seasons and less icy conditions.
  • Well, I suppose there's pros and cons to everything.
  • 1That's correct! Without coal, we wouldn't be able to do the simple things we can today, such as turning on a light-switch.
  • Of course, but in the end, we need the energy from coal to survive and live easy lives.
  • We have many improvements to make when it comes to producing clean energy, but someday, we'll get to the point where we can live our lives without worrying about climate change.
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