Russian Revolution Timeline
Updated: 1/31/2020
Russian Revolution Timeline
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  • Nicholas ll 1894
  • Sir, the people want more food
  • Again?! Guard! Arrange an assassination, I'd like to sleep well tonight.
  • Like that will help.
  • The Bolsheviks and The Mensheviks 1912
  • Well you look bloated in that red
  • That white really washes you out
  • OMG
  • March Revolution 1917
  • ew...
  • How hard is it to get fair treatment around here?!
  • She's kinda cute
  • Let's join them!
  • Why are you yelling at me?
  • Nicholas II was made ruler of the Russian Empire after his father died. He was told to get married and have children ASAP. Once the war started Nicholas wasn't treating his people with care and when they got mad. In response he sent the secret police to kill those who he felt threatened by (Bloody Sunday). Nicholas got many threats and he revoked his thrown and ran away just to be killed on July 17th.
  • Bolshevik Revolution 1917-1921
  • You forgot me!
  • I surrender
  • That's what you get
  • Russia was tired of Czarism. Most wanted to take it slow and ease into a new government but the smaller half wanted to act fast. The country began to split and the Mensheviks were called the "Whites" while the Bolsheviks were the "Reds". The reason they are called the reds is because they felt even though they were small in numbers they were strong.
  • Lenin in control 1917-1921
  • I promise you Peace, land and Bread
  • Women working in Russia felt they deserved better working conditions and more food. But when they asked the Czar he said no. In response the women started a revolution, and when the Czar sent his men after them they ended up joining the women and won their revolution because of the Czar's loss of power.
  • Stalin 1920-1953
  • The cause of the Bolshevik Revolution was a disagreement between the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks. The Mensheviks wanted to take their time in creating a new government while the Bolsheviks wanted to act fast. So the country split in half and the Mensheviks became the 'Whites" and the Bolsheviks became the "Reds". The Bolsheviks leader Vladimir Lenin was a follower of Marxism and so were the rest of the Bolsheviks.
  • HEYYY!!
  • Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks AKA the "Reds". He was a communist and later was the leader of the USSR. He promised the people "Peace, Land and Bread" when he came to power. He was in power for eight years until he died of a stroke on January 21st 1924.
  • I don't know sweetheart
  • What kind of bread?
  • After Vladimir Lenin died Joseph Stalin made himself ruler of Russia. Stalin told the people that if they either talked bad about him, or declined him in any way he would kill them. Stalin and Hitler (another dictator) made an oath to never attack each other. Little did Stalin know Hitler would betray that oath and overthrow Russia.
  • Harsh much?
  • Attention everyone! I am your new ruler, accept this or die.
  • Well that's not completely frightening.
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