The Giver Comic Strip by Bansi Ahir
Updated: 1/11/2020
The Giver Comic Strip by Bansi Ahir
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  • Jonas is nervous about getting his assignment
  • Lily (Jonas little sister )
  • Gabriel
  • Jonas Dad
  • Jonas Mom
  • Jonas
  • Jonas becomes the Reciver
  • We have selected you to be the new receiver. Such selection comes with the great honor and we thank you for your childhood.
  • Jonas, please come on the stage now.
  • The Ceremony Of Twelve
  • What is going to happen now. what does this mean?
  • Jonas starts receving the memory
  • Jonas, who is 11-year-old boy is worried because when he turns 12 he will get his assignment in the community. He is really nervous, especially because he has no idea what assignment he might get.
  • Releasing the baby
  • Finally the day and as everyone was receiving their jobs, Jonas got more and more excited. He was left for last, and when his turn finally arrived The chief elder told him that his job was very special. The was the receiver. This was a job that was very unique, since there was only one receiver in the community and filled with physical pain, but the elder had all decided that Jonas was fit for the job.
  • Jonas makes decesion
  • You will have to something to change this community
  • So the next day Jonas goes Annex to meet The Giver. He notices that there are lots of books at the place he lives. After, he begins his training with the Giver and receives the memories. Also, Jonas learns memories such as snow, sledding, war, pain, color, weather, and sun.
  • Escaping the community
  • Plane! Plane!
  • Jonas watches a releasing of a baby and realizes how unmerciful his community is.
  • The giver and Jonas decides to change the community and Jonas decides to take Gabriel to freedom because he knew that Gabriel was about to get released.
  • They had lots of difficulties when leaving like police, searching for planes, freezing and starving. But they finally made it and escaped the community.
  • Don't worry Gabe we finally made it!
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