Rosa Parks
Updated: 2/11/2020
Rosa Parks

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  • Rosa Parks when she growing up
  • Rosa in school
  • I am a cleaning person.
  • Hi my name is Rosa Parks and i like to clean but my family is poor so i can't live in a big house but i have a younger brother his name is Sylvester and he is nice and i have a best friend her name is Ruby Briges and she is a nice friend.
  • One day i was going home from a hard day of work
  • I was the only student in the class once my mother told me its okay cause maybe there sick but i was happy that i was the only student in the class.
  • When i was at the court
  • When I grow up i was a cleaning lady and it was really hard cause i did not have a car and i speant all my money going on buses moring and night i only had 20 doller to speand on food .
  • Rose was important
  •  One man came and told me to get up but i did not and then he told the bus driver then he yeled at me and then he said he would call the police and he did and then i was arrested.
  • The court arrested me and i tried to not let he arrest me but they had to and i was so sad that i was going to jail and i was in jail for over 2 years .
  • Rose Parks is important because she stoped segregation so right now we would not be together on till Rose and Martin made the world a better place .