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myth of oedipus
Updated: 9/2/2020
myth of oedipus
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  • If you have a son, he will end up killing you and marrying your wife.
  • I can't leave this poor kid here to die. Lets take you to King Polybus (of Corinth) and Queen Merope
  • King Laius is warned by an oracle that if he has a son, his son will kill him and marry his wife.
  • You will end up killing your father and marrying your mother.
  • This is horrible, I must flee to Thebes to avoid this, tell my parents I love them!
  • Jocasta eventually gives birth to a son, Oedipus, but King Lais has his servant take his son to the top of a mountain and pin his ankles there so that his son would die and the prophecy would not be fufilled.
  • YES!!
  • The servant can't bare to leave the child there, so he takes them to the house of King Polybus and Queen Merone where they adopt him and raise him as their own. Eventually though, Oedipus finds out that these people are not truly his real parents, but they deny it and he believes them.
  • Goodbye Kingdom.
  • Oedipus finds out about the prophecy and wants to avoid it, so he flees to the city of Thebes.
  • When Oedipus was on his was to the city of Thebes he crossed paths with Lais, his true father. They got in an argument and Oedipus ended up killing his father. Later, Oedipus fell in love with his mother and married her.
  • MARRY ME!!!
  • When everyone found out about what had happened, including Oedipus, he was banished from the kingdom and eventually dies in Columbus.
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