Geography ISU 2020
Updated: 6/15/2020
Geography ISU 2020

Storyboard Text

  • I'm on my way! Whitehorse is only 36 hours from Winnipeg. I'll be there soon.
  • You and your sister must come soon. Me and your dad have some important news to tell you involving your father's heath.
  • We must drive through Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  • Come on Julia you must get in! We are going to visit dad.
  • I'm coming!
  • Yes it is because it follows BOLTSS. It stands for Border, Orientation, Legend, Title, Scale and Source.
  • Wow! This map is really easy to read.
  • Wow! I had no clue.
  • OH MY GOODNESS! I think that is an active volcano.
  • Yes, that is a possibility! Did you know that volcanoes are formed when the magma reaches the surface?
  • I think you need to get some gas.
  • Tim Hortons
  • I love the Canadian culture and how diverse our population is.
  • Yes, I agree. Canada is very multicultural and everyone takes pride in being Canadian.
  • MR.SUB
  • Looks like we just entered British Columbia!
  • That is because fishing is one of their major industries.
  • Oh ya! I also know that mining and manufacturing are major industries in BC.
  • Yes, it looks like we did! Wow, there are so many people fishing.