Cancer Project
Updated: 10/4/2018
Cancer Project
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  • The Physical
  • Hello Mr. Baker! I'm Dr. Karsen Noma, I've been informed of your state and we noticed some abnormalities in your bloodtest
  • Blood Test Signs
  • The Tests
  • It appears here that there is a large tumor located on the left kidney, I need a nephrectomy as soon as possible to verify if it's cancerous
  • After a few weeks of intense lower back pain, unintentional weight loss, fever, and fatigue, Jason Baker noticed blood in his urine. He went in for a physical to have his health assessed and his mind put at ease.
  • The Results
  • In addition the symptoms experienced, the blood sample taken from Mr. Baker showed a low red blood cell count (anemia), and a high level of calcium. This concerned Dr. Noma, and she issued a CT scan to search for any apparent tumors.
  • Why Jason?
  • I don't understand! I work so hard to stay healthy and I'm only 36!
  • Dr. Noma identified a tumor on the scan, so in order to determine whether the tumor is benign or not, she orders a tissue sample of the kidney.
  • The Investigation
  • Well since you don't smoke and you're not overweight, ther may be some other factors such as...
  • A few days after the diagnosis, the results of the biopsy were concluded and presented to Mr.Baker.
  • Hello Mr. Baker, I'm sorry to say that the sample we took of your kidney came back positive in indications that you have Renal Cell Carcinoma, or Kidney Cancer. Stage 2
  • Jason was distraught by the news and because of his moderately healthy lifestyle, confused as to why he was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Dr. Noma explains certain scenarios that could possibly cause the cancer, including environmental factors that could have influenced his development of kidney cancer.
  • Overuse of ibuprofen, genetic predisposition (not inheritance), and significant exposure to chemicals such as dyes, cadmium (a metal), herbicides, and solvents.
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