Cancer Project Part Two
Updated: 10/10/2018
Cancer Project Part Two
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  • The Causation
  • While that can't prove causation,  It is a possibility.
  • I run my own landscaping company, and I treat lawns with pesticdes, insecticides, and herbicides. I don't usually wear a mask. Could that have caused it?
  • The Prevention
  • However, It is important that you avoid heavily chemicals and metals without proper cautions, as well as exercise regularly, avoid smoking, and eat a healthy diet to prevent kidney cancer.
  • The Cancer
  • It seems that although Jason lived a healthy lifestyle, it was his occupation that could've caused his illness.
  • The Treatment
  • Dr. Noma told Jason that for cancer prevention, it's important to take safety precautions such as safety gear around chemicals, healthy diet and exercise, and avoidance of excessive use of meds.
  • The Statistics
  • Renal cell carcinoma affects the kidneys, and if it spreads, the liver and colon most commonly. The cells grow at a rapid rate and create tumors throughout the abdominal cavity.
  • The Recovery
  • Dr. Noma explains treatment plans for Jason as he goes through his path to recovery.
  • Because we were able to identify the cancer in an early stage, we are going to go ahead and remove the left kidney and treat you with two rounds of chemo for preventative measure.
  • Renal Cell Carcinoma occurs most commonly in people with genetic predisposition of kidney cancer or von - hippel lindau disease. It's fairly common, not always lethal, and fairly treatable in early stages.
  • Today, Mr. Baker is living a healthy life with his family and has retired from his work at his landscaping company!
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