The Battle of Yorktown

Updated: 1/31/2019
The Battle of Yorktown

Storyboard Text

  • Alright Rochambeau, i heard the british are in yorktown waiting for supplies, instead of going to new york, we should go to Yorktown and attack there.
  • wow, the Rhode island weather is so great, wish i could live here.
  • I give up. i can't deal with nathaneal green and his hit and run tactics, it's so anoying.
  • yeah, its really tiring, my legs hurt.
  • but sir, they are not going to be at new york, they're at yorktown
  • alright, then we shall go to yorktown, but keep it a secret.
  • alright men, lets head to new york
  • Haha, yeah even though i've been telling Washington everything we've been doing.
  • thanks for all of your help James, we really appreciate everything you've done for this army, now we are i Yorktown.
  • Yes, now Washington's army can attack Cornwallis and make him surrender.
  • Sir, the blockade was a sucsess
  • i surrender.
  • quick, block him!