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Updated: 3/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • WOW she is so beautiful
  • There once was a man called Orpheus - the best lyre player ever - and he met a beautiful woman called Eurydice.
  • Eurydice is in the forest when she sees a scary shepherd. She runs away in a panic and gets bitten by a snake which kills her instantly. And Orpheus finds her dead
  • Orpheus had ventured to the underworld to try and get his lost love back but Hades is in a bad mood. He says "You can take your love back to the world on one condition... she has to go behind you and you cant talk or look back at her".
  • Orpheus has to pass the mighty Cerberus in order to get to the real world. He managed to get it to sleep with his lyre playing.
  • His last challenge is to cross the river Styx with Eurydice in a boat behind him.
  • Orpheus can see the light of the real world but he forgets the challenge and looks back at Eurydice, and in a split second they vanish, never to be seen again.