Updated: 6/10/2020
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  • In the past few months, the corona virus has killed thousands, caused national shortages, and closed schools all around the country for weeks on end.
  • Amid a virus of which our extent of knowledge goes so little, every region in the US, from small towns to big cities, begin to intensify measures and protocols. The world is sitting on edge.
  • Any study will show you that staying in the same environment for more than 24 hours can have effects on your brain process.
  • As for teens, school has been a huge part of their every day interactions. 5 days a week, six hours a day-? It's a hard regime to break away from so disruptively. A wide disconnect of socialization has never been enforced on a scale like this in the history of this planet. So how does one process this.
  • It's a conundrum. Some days it feel like time is flying by and then others it feels so still it's like you life took a halt. Have things changed?
  • Surely. You hear your mom yelling, "Don't forget you mask when you're walking the dog!" Zoom classes are impartially "all the rage" today and news is nothing but updates and more deaths.
  • Yet in a weird, twisted way... this was the new norm. Sitting on the bed with an old because TV has nothing to new, going down to the kitchen five times in an hour for a lack of better things to do-
  • Ah, that explains the bloating. The isolation that left depresses and feeling cut of from the rest of world in the beginning of quarantine, is now replaced with a deep seated numbness.
  • The routine based Utopia that once seemed so fond...
  • Within the house, everything is so sane and domestic but the crisis the world's currently in is nightmarish and in is nothing short of precarious.
  • A mellow toned, distorted dystopia.
  • Indifference to human life is the imposing threat of quarantine among today. It's so dangerously easy to see the numbers of deaths on TV and just see numbers.
  • Joan D Vinge once said, "Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touched meaningless and love and hate don't stand a chance against it."
  • ......more deaths.....
  • Processing this is just too much of an onslaught, especially among teens and this proves as a nice gateway for apathy and detachment.
  • In most teen's state of mind, the battle today is numbness and more specifically how not surrender to it.
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