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Rock Cycle
Updated: 2/19/2020
Rock Cycle
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  • Hello! I'm Tim the Rock. I have looked layered like this for 1.45 million years. Finally, I think the ocean is pulling me away. I might become igneous or metamorphic now.
  • Hi, Tim again. I'm on the seafloor now. I'm starting to experience some shaking. Subduction may be shortly happening.
  • Tim the Sedimentary rock is now being eroded into the ocean and may soon experience changes...
  • .WEEEE!! I'm Tim! I've just been ejected from Mt. St. Nick
  • Tim is now part of subduction. He will be melted now and will turn into lava.
  • It's me Tim. I've just landed on the ground near Mt. St. Nick. I am now an extrusive igneous rock. I have been in a melted form for 2.235 million years. I finally have form again
  • 3.21 Million Years in the future...
  • Tim is now melting, and will most likely erupt out of the nearby volcano.
  • Hi. I'm Tim 3.21 years later. I have weathered away, and may soon be deposited. I will get to meet some of my new friends, and we will become a new rock! I'm so excited for a brand new adventure. I will see you all later
  • The volcano has just erupted. Tim is one of those rocks!
  • Tim has been ejected from the volcano, and is now an extrusive igneous rock. where he will stay for millions of years.
  • Tim was igneous for 3.21 million years. However, for the last one million years, he started to weather away. After today's storm, which involved some hard acidic rain, he was finally completely turned into a pile of sediments. Mount Saint Nick has also weathered and eroded away.
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