me and me
Updated: 5/6/2018
me and me
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  • why is she crying?....why is everybody ignoring her..?
  • my mom and father just abandoned me becuase i failed in my test..
  • whats..wrong??
  • Who cares!
  • She look sad..
  • im actually cristan im having my vocation here..(:/)
  • you know....i wished i had a little girl but my disease stopped my dream and now im done from it..soo..whats your culture?
  • *luaghs togther*
  • There was an emarati women called"Donya" that lived in uae she decided to go shopping for her house to buy grocery she saw a Little Girl in the street crying in a softly noise these Girl had a blond and black hair Donya saw these girl in a compassion face she where shocked about how people are ignoring her and staring at her while there walking passing her.
  • where going to look for your parents there propaly worreid now.
  • where are we going??
  • so she decided to go and ask her she sat next to the girl in a bench chair the girl looked at her in a sudden face Donya asked her "whats wrong ?" the girl replayed "her mom and father abandede her ..becuase she faild at her exam" Donya was shocked in her mind (why?,how?)
  • Hurry up!
  • please do anything!!
  • We cant find any clues...
  • donya told the girl that She wishs to have a little Girl like her but her disease stopped her from her dream and now Shes done from it ....theGirl felt happy and then Donya asked the little girl "whats her culture" the girl told Donya shes cristan Donya felt okay with that it was getting dark so Donya decided to take her to her house.
  • Im sorry honey..
  • its ok!
  • I think im done here! :D
  • They sat together and talked about there the morning they went together to find her family .
  • Donya saw two parents where tearing up so she took the little girl fastly to them the parents huged the little girl and aplogize to her.
  • They thanked Donya for helping them and the Little girl told them that Donya helped her they wanted to reward her but Donya refused the reward the Family where supriced and they asked her "why woud u refused it".
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