Soical Project- Peace doc

Updated: 6/19/2020
Soical Project- Peace doc

Storyboard Text

  • Why Did you have to do that Keira?? you know I DON'T like her
  • I'm giving her a second chance Sarah I feel bad for her. Even though what she did to me I still feel bad!
  • I am mad at Keira because, she keeps on giving Ava, more and more chances. Even after what she did to her. I am just trying to protect Keira! She is my best friend and, I don't want her to get hurt!
  • Sarah you do have to think about Ava though. Have you ever seen her with someone playing together?? Ava is new here and Keira is, just trying to make her feel welcomed. I know you want to protect Keira but =, maybe she is doing the right thing
  • I am just trying to cheer Ava up with a friend. What she has done t ome hurt but, she didn't know that was wrong. she has been homeschooled for her whole life and nver had a real friend before. I know Sarah is just trying to protect me but, I want to be friends with Ava
  • Sarah is just worried about what she can do to you. She has seen you, hurt from Ava before and, Sarah doesn't want it to happen again. She is just looking out for you.
  • Sarah, I am so sorry. I thought that you were trying to keep me away from Ava. Now I understand that you were being a really good friend, and just looking out for mw. II am still going to talk to Ava though. Is that ok?
  • Keira, I am sorry to. I should have noticed that you were, just trying to make Ava feel welcome. It is so like you to do something, like that, so I am sorry I tried to take you away from her. And yes of course you, can still be friends with her!
  • Hey Girls! Are you guys good now?
  • Yeah. We're good. Thanks for helping us!