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Updated: 5/26/2021
SS comic strip

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  • The Battle of Gettysburg: it was a three day battle. Lee thought he could manage another invasion on the north but after the battle when he lost about 1/3 of his army he decided to now only wage in defensive war. Both sides were getting tired of the war. The union lost more than 17,500 soldiers and the confederacy lost about 23,000
  • Oh no! We are outnumbered and have already lost so many men.
  • Gettysburg address: Abraham Lincoln was among those asked to speak at the dedication of the new burial ground. Lincoln spoke few words but of great meaning .
  • Those who fought in the war both living and dead will not be forgotten and neither will their bravery
  • Vicksburg: in may of 1863 grant battled his way through Vicksburg with his army. union gunboats shelled the city from the river while grants army bombarded it from land. people from the city dug caves into the hillside for protection. Vicksburg surrendered on July 4, 1863
  • Ahhh
  • Take Cover!!
  • We have to keep moving
  • African Americans: after losing nearly half of their men to survivors of the 54th Regiment pulled back. But their bravery won them widespread respect. Black soldiers often received little training for equipment and less pay than white soldiers. They also risk death or enslavement if captured.
  • The End at Appomattox: there was nothing left for General Lee to do so on April 9th, 1865 General Lee arrived at the Wilmer McLean house in the village of Appomattox Court House. Grant's terms of surrender were generous and General Lee surrendered and agreed to Grant's terms and surrendered.
  • I surrender!
  • Civil War Summary:During the Civil War there were many casualties and after the Battle of Antietam known as the bloodiest battle President Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation. The Confederate States ignored this and continued on as if it were never issued. The Battle of Gettysburg was the South's last attempt to invade the North and it was a turning point. Lincoln's speech at Gettysburg gave the Civil War a larger meaning by relating it to the American Revolution. The union finally won the war under the leadership of General Grant. When the Union Army surrounded General Lee's Confederate troops Lee was forced to surrender. Grant was generous to the southern troops. The Civil War forged a new country one in which there was no slavery or secession. Even after the war, there were many issues that had to be dealt with.