Updated: 10/26/2020

Storyboard Text

  • we will to have 3 parts
  • the first one is going to be Preamble , then the Grievances, finally the last part will be us declaring independence
  • Am i the only one or do you fellows agree that we are suffering under the british crown.
  • and the third part is the declaration of independence from the royal crown,
  • The preamble is the opening statement or introduction
  • I have to get this done because we are done suffering under the british crown.
  • The Grievances is what we don t want in our new colony and also what we hated about being under your rule
  • Lyman Hall
  • Please come up here and sign the Declaration for Georgia.
  • Button Gwinnett
  • George Walton
  • Lyman Hall,Button Gwinnett, and George Walton