A Dragon's Story
Updated: 12/11/2019
A Dragon's Story
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  • The Story of The Brothers Turned to Stone
  • How dare you talk about my father
  • I had to what I had to do!
  • um, ok?
  • Conflict with Daisy
  • I'm sorry Daisy, please come back.
  • Great now I have to go after her!
  • The Journey For The Story of The Brothers of Stone
  • Off we go. It'll be fun.
  • Are you sure you, you know where you'er going?
  • I have a bad felling about this.
  • Arduous was telling a tale of long ago, when he was a young king, with two sons. One planet two rulers two different mind sets. As Arduous tells the story Dragor the oldest son of one of the brother in the story Dawn. Dragor was baby sitting Malcam, Darius's son, Darius is the youngest of son of Dawn. As Arduous was finishing the story Dragor yelled out, out frustration and storms off.
  • Separated
  • As Dragor runs off he comes across his friends house, and sneaks in side. Sadly he was caught by Daisy who can read peoples mind thanks to the oval neckless she was given by her passed on mother, but this frustrates Dragor and he yells at her. She all of a sudden starts to cry, and runs off. Daisy's brother Clyde gets angry and runs after her, and so does Dragor apologizing on the way out.
  • The Wrong One
  • Be gone demon!
  • After convincing every one to calm down Dragor told them the story they have heard over a million times. He tries to convince them that they should go on a trip and find them, but he didn't tell them he wants to set his father free. And so they go on their journey to go see The Bothers of Stone, but Daisy suspects something is off.
  • The Marriage
  • What!?
  • As Dragor was walking he was all of a sudden in a hole with a person with a feline mask. In an old raspy voice it told him to be careful where he goes because where he seeks to go is very dangerous. It also told him of his power and that is how he can defeat him, but before Dragor could say anything in an instant he was back on the trail with his fiends.
  • You have great power, and you can defeat him, now go.
  • Dragor set the wrong one free, and was brain washed. Daisy's love for Dragor set him free from the brain wash. And so the epic battle begins between Nephew and uncle. So Dargor defeated his Uncle, but doesn't kill him he turns to stone with his brother. The three returned home with an epic story that will be alive for centuries.
  • We have to fight that!
  • Uncle.
  • But a few years later Dragor and Daisy get married, and lived haply ever after. They also go on to have two beautiful dragon hearten babies.
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