Forms of Government
Updated: 1/18/2020
Forms of Government
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  • Oligarchy (Ancient Greece)
  • How do you think we would function under a Democratic government?
  • I don't think that would be a good idea. Having a few people in charge is better than everyone having a say in the matter.
  • Theocracy (Vatican City)
  • It's my first official day of being the pope, the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State.
  • Monarchy (United Kingdom)
  • I want to be in charge of everything! An absolute monarchy is what is best for this country!
  • Are you sure? Don't you think a constitutional monarchy is better? We'll still be in charge but there would be the constitution and the Parliament.
  • An oligarchy is when a small amount of people are in power and are in control of a country. In this example, oligarchies were the most common type of government in Ancient Greece.
  • Dictatorship (North Korea)
  • We have no choice... Our government is a Dictatorship
  • A theocracy is a system of government when a priest leads and rules in the name of a god or a deity. Vatican City is under the theocratic rule of Pope Francis and the laws are based under religious laws.
  • Communism (Soviet Union)
  • I can't believe this man thinks he owns this land. This man doesn't realize that he owns nothing, but I own everything.
  • A monarchy consists of a person, the monarch, is in charge and head of state until death or renouncement of the throne. There are different types of monarchies, like a constitutional monarchy, which the United Kingdom is currently under.
  • Republic (USA)
  • I'm so excited to vote because I vote every year. Afterall, voting is a civic duty.
  • In a dictatorship, all power is in one person, like Kim Jong Un from North Korea. They have have the power to do whatever they want, but the people's rights are suppressed.
  • I don't like it here. don't have the basic civil rights and I'm not allowed to leave to see my family from different counties.
  • A communist country is a country in which all property is publicly owned, and everyone works based on their skill and ability. Stalin from the Soviet Union ran a communist country for years during the cold war.
  • A republic is a form of government that gives power to the people and to the elected officials. In America, citizens vote for the next representative, whether it is the president, mayor, governor, etc.
  • I wonder who will become the next elected official. When I get to vote next year, I'm going to vote for the person with the best campaign.
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