Refusal Comic Strip
Updated: 2/18/2021
Refusal Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Say no
  • Hey! Do you wanna go hit my vape? I have it with me.
  • No! That's not a good idea.
  • Tell why not/ offer other ideas
  • Why not? It tastes really good!
  • I don't want to because it's illegal. If I get caught my parents would kill me! We should just change and get to our next class.
  • Promptly leave
  • Okay, see ya later.
  • Well I gotta get changed and head to math. See you later.
  • Addison and Maddie are in the locker room after PE. Addison asks if Maddie wants to hit her vape. Maddie immediately said no.
  • Addison kept persisting and trying to get Maddie to hit her vape. She explained why she didn't want to by using the acronym using HELP. She also offered another option.
  • Addison finally gave up and Maddie promptly left.