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Updated: 9/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Firsy fay of school and I luckly know a few people.
  • What jut happend and why are peple eating m,y food
  • Hurry and tell the awnsers
  • This was the begining of the year and I saw my freinds that I reconized from last year.
  • Agian I saw my old freinds but this time some kid starting eating my food out of nowhere.
  • People telling me what to do evan if I dont want to
  • One of my best and worst experinces which was having fun in the gym and doing fun activitys but their was always moments I wish I got back
  • I was thinking of the things I could have done things better and thought of both bad and good things that ahppend to me and decided that I was going to change the bad to good and surround myslef with better freinds because I wasent surronding myslef with the right people.
  • I decided to cut out all of the people to bring me down and satrt hanging out with people who will bring me up.