Cold War 2

Updated: 6/23/2020
Cold War 2

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  • Vietnam 1955
  • Đây là nước ta!
  • Nous prenons le relais.
  • The Nuclear Arms Race 1949
  • That one's even bigger than last time!
  • Careful of the fallout!
  • Anti-War Protests 1967
  • What are we fighting for ? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn
  • During the war, Japan had taken Vietnam. When they retreated, Vietnam had the chance to form their own government, lead by Ho Chi Minh. After the war, however, France was rewarded South Vietnam by the Allies and the North given to Nationalist Chinese. The Chinese soon pulled out of NV, and the Ho Chi Minh took over. France decided it would take NV and the two countries went to war, NV having communist support and France having the support of capitalist countries.
  • China
  • 也许您担心下沉。 不用考虑 如果您不考虑它,您将不会下沉。 如果这样做,您将
  • The concept of Mutually Assured Destruction is that if you destroy me, I will have enough firepower to destroy you. The Arms Race was all about MAD, both the US and USSR trying to close the nuclear weapons gap between the two countries while also trying to develop stronger and stronger weapons.
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989
  • While the Vietnam war was happening, over in the States people were beginning to oppose sending troops to Vietnam. People rallied in the streets, singing counter-culture songs, plays and demonstrations that they wanted no part in the war; They didn't want their families to die needlessly.
  • End of the Cold War
  • During the Cold War, China was an ally of the USSR. They participated in the Korean War, allying themselves with North Korea. They seemed to be drifting in a field of neutrality, reaping the benefits of the discord. They eventually switched to allying with the US after disagreements with the USSR.
  • As the Cold War began to die down, a spokesman for the East Berlin Communist Party stated that at midnight on November 9, people would be able to cross the border between East and West. Easterners rushed to visit the West. People destroyed the wall, and soon it was gone.