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American revolution time line
Updated: 10/11/2019
American revolution time line
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  • the french and indian war
  • proclamation of 1763
  • what we can´t cross
  • sugar act
  • lasted from 1754 to 1763.France was reduced confirming Great Britian position.
  • stamp act
  • we are not going to pay for taxes
  • October 7 1763 Great Britian issued that colonist could not go west of the applachian mountians
  • boston massacre
  • April 5 1764 the sugar act was passed meant to defray the expenses of defending,protecting and securing the colonies.
  • boston tea party
  • legal documents,permits and any paper products must have carry a tax stamp.
  • brawls between colonist and british.Sparked rebellion in ameriacan colonist.
  • December 16 1773 officals refused to return 3 ships full of tea to britian throwing it into Boston Harbor.
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