Orange Juice

Updated: 5/18/2020
Orange Juice

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  • Created by Misha B.
  • Man, Josh sure left me with a lot of Orange Juice. I've checked and I have only 3 and 1/2 cartons to drink.
  • I just remembered, I have to go on vacation in 4 days. I have 4 days to drink this!
  • So let's think. I have to drink 3 and 1/2 cartons of orange juice in 4 days. I should divide 3 by 4 which would get me .75 which is also 3/4. Then let's divide 1/2 by 4 which is .125 or 1/8.
  • If we add the 3/4 and the 1/8 together, we get 7/8, so I have to drink 7/8 of orange juice every day. That doesn't sound so bad.
  • Oh hey George. Aren't you supposed to be...
  • Hey Josh!
  • I drank all that orange juice that you gave me.
  • That wasn't orange juice. It was a growth serum!
  • Wow, what happened!