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English Storyboard
Updated: 9/5/2018
English Storyboard
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  • Baltog is a teenager who transferred to Ibalon High. Many bullies roamed around the campus. One morning, the bully Tanday stole his wallet and challenged him but he did not reply.
  • You want to fight?
  • One night, Tanday came and started to fight Baltog for no reason. Baltog was able to pin him down and get his wallet back then reported him to the principal. Afterwards, his friends congratulated him.
  • You're going to be in big trouble Tanday.
  • At the same time in Ibalon Grade School, there was a boy named Handi who together with his friends needed to take down a lot of bullies.
  • Let's go guys!
  • Yes sir!
  • Yes!
  • Handi and his friends then fought the Tiburons who are martial artists. They din't stop fighting until they were taught a lesson.
  • First, they confronted the group called One Eyed Giants who they taught a lesson after 10 lunch breaks of competing.
  • We lost.
  • They then befriended the fierce Tamaraw and scared away the giant Sarimaw. Because of these actions, the Monkey Group and the Croco Squad were terrified of them.
  • We should go.
  • Hello there!
  • Nope, cannot mess with them.
  • Hi!
  • The last one remaining was Ori who was a very clever girl. Handi searched for her every lunch break but could not find her. Ori also started liking Handi and because of this, she revealed how to deal with trouble.
  • All you just have to do is find out what annoys them the most and use it against them. If you're dealing with nicer bullies, never make them mad.
  • Oh, I see now.
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