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Ancient Mesopotamia
Updated: 10/16/2019
Ancient Mesopotamia
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Gracie Droleski

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  • 4 Major Kingdoms
  • Tigris
  • Between two rivers
  • Euphrates
  • Fertile Cresant
  • Akkadian EmpireBabylonian EmpireAssyrian EmpireNew Babylonian Empire
  • How Women lived
  • Mesopotamia was in between the Tigris And Euphrates rivers
  • Slaves
  • Mesopotamia was in the fertile cresant because it had very fertile land for farming
  • How the town was set up
  • Scribes/priests
  • KING
  • Women Did not get ANY education,and the only jobs outside of the house was Baking,tavern workers or midwives
  • Slaves lived towards the end of there city state People either captured slaves or sold them for money
  • KingScribes/priests Artisans/merchantsFarmers/slaves
  • Artisans/merchants
  • farmers/slaves
  • Farmers/slaves
  • scribes/priests
  • King
  • Artisans/merchants
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