Updated: 6/24/2020
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  • Hey Drew!
  • Hi Cathy!How are you?
  • More deaths per year are linked to air pollution than to automobile accidents! Like what happened to my brother!
  • Oh my god!I can't believe it.I am so sorry..
  • Buying food with lower energy consumption will allows you to contribute to the clean and sustainable energy.
  • I think people need to know about this and advocate clean energy!
  • Cathy went to Walmart for her monthly grocery shopping and bumped into an old-time friend named Drew.
  • I've been using this app everytime I write a grocery list. Let me show you.
  • It sounds great! But I am not a tech person...
  • During their chat, Drew told that her brother, Dunn, died due to air pollution created in production process in the farm factory where he worked.
  • Wow, it is so easy to use!
  • You can also receive and share the badges from the app if you earn certain points! It will show you how much you care for the environment and clean energy.
  • Drew explained the negative health implications that might arise if there is no clean and sustainable energy, and what she has been trying not to consume any food with a high energy consumption rate.
  • These are all Grade A! I should share this with my friends.
  • Drew suggested Cathy to use the SEQUOIA application which she uses to search food items and compare their energy consumption ratings.
  • Drew showed how to search or scan food items using the SEQUOIA app and make a better decision based on its grading system. She also showed the badges she has earned from this app and shared on her facebook.
  • After meeting Drew, Cathy installed the SEQUOIA app. Using this app drove her to be interested in environmental issues and energy sustainability. She feels so proud of buying foods with higher grade.
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