Glorious revolution
Updated: 9/22/2020
Glorious revolution

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  • Charles I
  • Conflict
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  • British civil war
  • After the death of King James Staurt, his son King Charles took the throne after him.
  • Charles I
  • Conflict arises when Charles I refuses to work with the parliaments and wanted control over all aspects of the government.
  • James II
  • The British civil war began and General Oliver Cromwell’s army rises up and fights Charles I. Defeating him Charles was executed.
  • Glorious Revolution
  • Charles II became king after Cromwells death, he did later die from natural causes but he didn’t have any children
  • Since King Charles II died and didnt have any children, King James II became the ruler of England. He was disliked by the people due to the fact that he was catholic.
  • The people sent a message to James daughter, Mary. Mary and her husband William. They came in and dethroned James II. This marks the end of the glorious revolution and the reason it was called the glorious revolution is because no blood was spilled.
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